About Us


At FatCat Removals, we understand that the worst thing about moving house is the move itself. 

The boxes are packed, the furniture stacked and now the hard work begins. 

A long traumatic day of filling the van, unloading the van and getting everything settled into your new abode. Who needs the stress? 

Instead, why not enlist the friendly services of an Essex based, family run removals firm? Our competitive rates and efficient service help ensure an easy transition. We give you the chance to enjoy your move, rather than resent it. 

We offer UK wide coverage and can supply the van and man power needed for most removal requirements. There is no job too small, but plenty too big, so speak to us direct with your specific dimensions. 

If you have a delivery problem, then let us put the SOLVE back in REMOVALS. (That’s right, brains as well as brawn) 

Call today and let us remove that heavy weight from your shoulders and into our van.